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Update – 2020 Honolulu Marathon

The 2020 Honolulu Marathon weekend, including the Honolulu Marathon, Kalakaua Merrie Mile, and Start to Park 10k, are still scheduled for December 2020. 

Due to the high degree of uncertainty caused by Covid-19, it is too early to say for sure that we will be able to host the 2020 events.
We are continuing to work with the State of Hawaii and City of Honolulu to ensure a safe and enjoyable series of events, and we’re obligated to act in accordance with the laws set out by the city, state, and federal governments.

If we are able to host the 2020 events in December, the races will include a number of significant changes to minimize physical contact and keep everyone safe. We have redesigned the start area and the start will be in waves. The new course route is designed to reduce bottlenecks, and the finisher area will be streamlined so that social distancing can be practiced.

Virtual Race Option

We are also setting up a virtual race platform so that anyone can participate in the events, wherever you are.  

If you are already registered for 2020, you will receive a unique comp code to transfer your live race entry to a virtual race entry. 

Keep training and in December complete the race distance wherever you live. Then upload evidence of your race and we will send you your finisher medal and shirts.

The virtual races will also be open to anyone who hasn’t already registered for the 2020 races.



Q. What are the current travel restrictions to Hawaii?

A. From September 1, 2020, visitors to Hawaii are required to self-quarantine for a two week period.
See the latest travel advice from the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation.

Beginning Oct. 1, 2020, at the earliest, trans-Pacific travelers arriving in Hawaii from out-of-state will have the option to get a valid COVID-19 test prior to their arrival and show proof of a negative test result, to avoid the 14-day quarantine.

Q. What are some of the measures are you putting in place to protect participants?

    1. Reduced number of participants. For the first time, we will have a cap on the number of participants. 
    2. The course has been changed to reduce crowded bottlenecks. The 2020 course has been re-designed to remove the Diamond Head bottleneck at mile 7.
    3. Unmanned aid stations. To minimize human contact, the aid stations will be self-serve. Participants will be required to run with a reusable water container that can be refilled at the aid stations.
    4. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at locations throughout the start and finish areas.
    5. Redesigned start area. The start area will be increased in size to allow for social distancing. There will also be increased adherence to allocated start groups. You must start in your designated start groups which will be staggered to ensure social distancing. Within each start group, waves will be released to spread the flow of participants on the course.  The total start time will be longer as a result.
    6. The requirement of participants to wear face-covering in the start and finish areas.
    7. Reduced festival area and reduced post-race food handling.
    8. Guidelines for the flow in and out of porta potties to reduce contact with others and ensure proper use of hand sanitizer.

Q. Will there be a virtual race for those who do not want to participate in the 2020 events?

A. Yes, we are setting up a virtual event platform and verified finishers will receive the official finishers medal, race shirt as well as other perks. 


Q. Will I have to pay for the 2020 Virtual events if I am already registered for the live events?

A. No, if you registered and paid for the live 2020 Honolulu Marathon, Start to Park 10, or Kalakaua Merrie Mile, you will not need to pay for the virtual event registration. You will need to register using a comp code which we will email to you.

Q. Can anyone enter the Virtual events?

A. Yes, anyone can enter the virtual events. There will be a charge if you are not already registered for the live events. 

Q. In the event of a cancelation, what are my options? 

A. If we are forced to make the decision to cancel the events at the 2020 Honolulu Marathon weekend, the options will be:

      1. Transfer your entry to the virtual events. Participate in the 2020 Virtual events and receive the 2020 medal and race shirts.
      2. Do nothing and your entry will be deferred free of charge to the 2021 events. 

Q. Can I defer my entry even if the event is not canceled?

A. No, but you can choose to run the Virtual Honolulu Marathon, Start to Park 10k, and the Kalakaua Merrie Mile, and receive the medal, race shirt, and earn other race swag. 

Q. If I complete the virtual event, will I get the official race medal and race shirt?

A. Yes, we will mail these to your home address in January. 

Q. How does a virtual event work

A. A virtual event is when you run or walk the race distance anywhere you choose. You can run/walk in your own neighborhood or anywhere else that is safe and in Covid times, away from other people. All we ask is that you don’t run on the actual Honolulu Marathon course. Track the run using a GPS tracker such as Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin etc so you can submit evidence of your run. 

Q. How do I submit the evidence of my run?

A. Once you have registered for any of the Honolulu Marathon virtual race distances (26.2m, 10km, or 1mile) you will be given access to your own account page where you can update your personal information and where you will submit evidence of your race.

Your account page will also have unique offers and deals for you. 

Q. What type of evidence do you accept?

A.  The evidence can be a screenshot of your tracking app showing both the distance covered AND the time it took you to complete. You can use any tracking app such as Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin etc.

You’ve got anytime from December 12 – December 31 to finish the distances you’ve selected.

By News Team