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2020 Virtual Events

2020 Virtual Events

Registration for the 2020 Honolulu Marathon virtual events

Virtual Race Registration

Finding My Account

Guide to Submitting your Results

For residents of Japan, you will need to enter through the Japan Office entry site.

Virtual Event FAQ

Will there be a virtual race for those who cannot participate in the 2020 live events?
Yes, we are setting up a virtual event platform and verified finishers will receive the official finishers medal, race shirt as well as other perks. 


Can anyone enter the Virtual events?
Yes, anyone can enter the virtual events. Online registration opens on October 22. There is a limit on the number of entries available. 

How do I run a virtual race? How do I track and upload my results?
You can run or walk your virtual race anywhere you choose!
It could be in your neighborhood, on a treadmill, or anywhere that is safe and compliant with the COVID-19 protocols in your region.
On your chosen race day, track the run using a GPS tracker. You can use any tracker, such as Strava, Runkeeper, Garmin etc. The tracker will measure your time and distance covered. Then upload an image/screenshot of your run as proof to us.
Once you have registered for any of the virtual events, you will be given your own participant account page where you submit evidence of your race.  You’ll also get access to the Beachfest Festival area where we’ll have advice on running trackers and instructions on how to upload your evidence.
Our team will verify your race and send your finisher shirt and medal. 


Do I have to run the virtual race on a particular date?
You can run your race anytime from December 1 – December 31.

Do I have to run the full marathon in one day?
If you need more than one day to complete the marathon distance, select the multi-day event at registration and then submit images of all your completed runs and include your total running time.

Can I run my virtual race on a treadmill?
Yes!  Just take a photo of the treadmill total time and distance so you can submit evidence of your run. You can also upload a photo of yourself. We love to see where you’re running!

Can I enter more than one event distance?
Yes, you can enter all three distances. We’ve bundled them together as Challenges. All three event distances is the Big Kahuna!








What is the deadline to register?
You can register right up until the event closes on December 31. Just make sure to give yourself time to finish the run and upload your evidence before midnight on Dec. 31. There are entry limits for each event so it’s better to enter early!

Can I register my family and friends to run?
Yes, you can register more than one person, but each participant will need their own email address and account. Everyone is assigned a unique My Page, where you upload evidence of the run/walk.

If you’re a parent registering your child, you will need to give them a separate account so that they get their own My Account page. You will need to go through the registration process and pay for each person you register.

Can I change my race distance after I register?
No, but you can add another event distance to your registration. You can enter all three event distances if you want.

If I complete the virtual event, will I get the official race medal and race shirt?
Yes, we will mail these to your home address.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, the Honolulu Marathon Virtual races are a global events; we will gladly ship your swag anywhere in the world.

Will there be age group awards?
No, since everyone will be running at different places and under different conditions, we won’t do age group awards for the virtual race. 

Will I have to pay for the 2020 Virtual events if I am already registered for the live events?
No, if you registered and paid for the live 2020 Honolulu Marathon, Start to Park 10, or Kalakaua Merrie Mile, you will not need to pay for the virtual event registration. You will need to register using a comp code which we will email to you on October 21.

Can I run the virtual for charity?
Yes, we have partnered with a number of US and international charities. At registration, check the tick-box next to the charity you want to run for and they will contact you with details on how to fundraise for them.
You can also add a donation to your chosen charity at registration.

Will I have to upload my results to access the virtual beachfest area.
No, after you register for any 2020 Honolulu Marathon virtual race distance or challenge, you will be sent a confirmation email along with a link you can use to access the Honolulu Marathon Virtual Beachfest. You do not need to complete the race in order to enjoy the content.

Virtual Race Registration