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SGC is Bringing a Golden Touch to Our Finisher Medals

We’ve got some thrilling news that’ll add an extra sparkle to your step as you train for the big day. Get ready to be dazzled because this year’s Honolulu Marathon finisher medals are getting a golden makeover, thanks to our new friends at SGC from Japan!



The Gold Standard in Medals
Yes, you read that right! Each of you amazing finishers will receive a medal designed and made by SGC, a company celebrated for its stunning gold craftsmanship. These aren’t just any medals; they are little pieces of art waiting to commemorate your incredible achievement.

A Special Surprise for Top Finishers
Now, hold on to your running hats, because here’s the kicker: the top place finishers will receive something extra special. SGC is creating the champions medals entirely out of real gold! It’s the first time in our marathon’s history, and we’re beyond excited! The 1st place medal will be on display at the Honolulu Marathon Expo so you can come take a look at the solid gold medal.

This partnership with SGC isn’t just about adding bling to our medals. It’s a symbol of the hard work, determination, and sheer grit that each of you brings to the marathon. It’s our way of saying that your efforts shine as bright as gold.

“Our marathon family is honored to welcome SGC. Their dedication to excellence mirrors the spirit of our event. These medals aren’t just rewards; they’re a celebration of every runner’s journey,” says Jim Barahal, Honolulu Marathon CEO. 

Mark Your Calendars
Remember, the marathon is happening on December 10, 2023. So, lace-up those shoes, get that training in gear, and get ready to be a part of something truly special.

About SGC
Hailing from Japan, SGC is a leader in the gold industry. Their innovative designs and commitment to quality are renowned, making them the perfect partner for our marathon.

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Can’t wait to see all of you at the starting line! Keep running, keep shining, and let’s make this marathon the most golden one yet!


By News Team