Malasadas will be treat for hungry runners

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Runners in Sunday’s Honolulu Marathon won’t get just a shell lei and a certificate when they finish the race. This year, the hungry runners (the race starts at 5 a.m.) also can look forward to a malasada.

About 20,000 of the fluffy Portuguese donuts will be made in a tent near the Kapiolani Park finish line, and will be handed out free to the finishers.

“In previous years, we received feedback from runners that we should have more food at the end of the race,” said Marathon Association President Jim Barahal. He said he got the idea for malasadas when he helped his wife who served as chairman of the popular malasadas booth at the Punahou School Carnival, and saw how a lot of the sugary donuts could be produced in short time.

“It’s a local kind of food,” Barahal said. “It will be fun.

Two malasada fryers and and 15-17 deep fat fryers will be taken to the park for the new venture, said Ernest Kam, a general manager for Center Plate, the company which also caters the marathon’s luau on Friday night.

The company turns out 2,000 malasadas for large football games at Aloha Stadium, where it operates the concession stands. But this will be the most he has ever done at one time.

“There always is a first time” Kam said. “I’m hoping it will be a success. I’m sure non-local runners will want to try something different.”

The effort will require 2,500 gallons of oil and 500 pounds of sugar, he said. The preparation of the dough is being out-sourced to another company, but using Center Plate’s recipe.

Kam said the company is hiring extra help from non-profit organizations, and will share the profits. But everyone in his company will be involved, he said.

He also said he requested that the tent be erected at the highest level. “The propane used to heat the oil will make the tent pretty hot and we will need maximum ventilation.”

“We’re looking forward to it,” Kam said. “I hope it doesn?t rain. Rain and hot oil don ‘t mix.”


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