Jimmy Muindi regales Priory students

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A second-grader asked six-time Honolulu Marathon champion Jimmy Muindi if someone stole something and ran away could he catch him.

“You steal something and you’ll see,” he answered, laughing with the students.

Muindi made his third annual visit to the all-girls St. Andrew’s Priory in Honolulu on Friday, answering questions about his native Kenya as well as running and doing marathons. One student wanted to know if he could run faster than an ostrich. Another asked about Kenyans carrying goods in baskets on their heads.

“The students are super-excited,” said teacher Sharon Cole. Muindi, the father of two, had a simple explanation for making the annual visit: “I like kids.”

The second-graders sang an African song they performed at their recent African festival upon completion of a study segment on Africa. He joined them in their dance routine as they repeated the song.

Muindi said he begins daily training at least three months before the marathon, running not less than 18 miles each day. He set the course record of two hours, 11 minutes and 12 seconds in 2004, but finished in 5th place last year. Now 40, he told the students, “This year, I’ll do far better than last year.”

He joined the girls in a short jog around the school basketball court.


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