Decathlete Bryan Clay finishes with wife

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Bryan Clay says the toughest part of running a marathon is “having to keep going.” The 2008 Olympic gold medalist and his wife, Sarah, ran the Honolulu Marathon on Sunday, finishing hand in hand in four hours and 46 minutes. It was their first marathon. That time was only slightly over their goal of four and a half hours, he said. “The decathlon is tough, but this a a different animal,” said Bryan. Running with his wife kept him going, he said. “If I had tried to run this competitively I wouldn’t have made it.” Wife Sarah did a “great job,” he said, and running the marathon “was her idea and definitely not mine. She decided that if we were to do a marathon it should be in Hawaii.” Bryan was raised in the 50th State. While both had tough spots during the run, and both started fading at the 23- or 24-mile mark, they called their effort “a lot of fun.” “We had a great time,” he said. “We were talking to people all along the way. Having people call out your name really gives you a boost.” Sarah started training without him, and it was only four weeks before the race that Bryan decided he’d better start getting serious about it. He got in only two 15-mile runs, saying “I definitely don’t recommend that.” Although they looked good after the race and said they felt pretty good, the couple said they would give themselves time to recover before deciding whether to do another marathon. But Bryan said it is possible they will return to Honolulu to run again.

Author: News Team